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       My name is Katie Mann 


Like most people, my life is in a constant state of evolution. I married my high school sweetheart and we built a life that includes our three kids, pets, lots of travel, and 6 moves in 5 states. During that time, I've held many careers but one thread ties them all together...PEOPLE. 

Specifically, I’m most passionate about empowering women through style. I spent 5 years as a stylist and leader at Stitch Fix and my joy truly came from watching clients shine. I’ve seen firsthand how putting on a great pair of jeans or that chic blazer can give someone the confidence to chase goals and allow their light to shine.

Intentionally Chic is more than a styling service. We empower women to build confidence and authenticity. Any life transition--career change, motherhood, body changes, age- can be the perfect time to find who you truly are and learn how to show it through your style. I'd feel honored to walk alongside you on this journey. 

It all started...

...with a trip to Atlanta with two amazing friends of 25 years. I was in a state of transition but I knew a few things for sure. I love styling, I want to support women, and I want to leave a lasting impact on this world. But I wasn't sure how to act on those passions.

It was in a dressing room at a local boutique as I was giving each of them advice on the pieces they picked, when Becky looked at me and said, "This is what you should do. You've got the confidence and ability." She left it there, but it left a spark in my heart. I purchased a lovely ring holder (pictured here), and it has become the inspiration for Intentionally Chic. Sometimes you need your best friends to point you in the right direction and have your back through it all. 




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