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Philosophy @
Intentionally Chic


At Intentionally Chic, I believe in empowering women to be their most confident selves. That’s why I've created a wardrobe consulting service with a focus on helping women build a wardrobe that is both fashionable and timeless.

As a woman-owned business, I provide a wide range of services, from personal styling to wardrobe organization and more. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or create a brand new look, we’ll find the perfect pieces to express your individual style.



As a Wardrobe Consultant, my mission is to empower women to dress with confidence and authenticity. Through a purpose-driven partnership, I strive to help my clients create a wardrobe that expresses their individual style and personality. I believe that everyone should feel empowered to be their authentic self and to look their best. My ultimate goal is to help each client feel confident and comfortable in the clothes they choose. I'm committed to creating a positive and inspiring space in which to explore fashion and personal style.


  • We have compassion for ourselves and each other, respecting our bodies and feelings.

  • We are conscientious consumers. 

  • We serve people. As a steward of women’s empowerment, we will donate clothing that doesn’t serve one woman to organizations that work to support others. 

  • We are Intentional in our words, our marketing, and with our clients and charities. There is no cookie-cutter approach.

  • We work in partnership with one another to create something bigger. We believe in taking the time to build trust. 

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