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The Iconic White Tee

There aren't many items in your closet that are as versatile as a classic white t-shirt. But why is finding the perfect closet staple so tricky? Simply put, there are so many different options! We are inundated with brands, sizes, materials, and fits.

In addition, we all want something different from our white tees. Some like their shirts lightweight and breathable. Other people may enjoy a more structured, sturdy fabric. In addition, we all wear them for different occasions and live in different climates. In short, there are SO MANY variables. After years of research on various clients, I tried six go-to brands to share with you. Each brand offers unique claims and comes from different price points. I can't wait to hear what you think.


#1 Buck Mason || Slub Easy Crew

Buck Mason has created quite a buzz around their updated modern classics like the simple white tee. They offer a full range of garments that are made with intention; "we’ve remained committed to quality craftsmanship, combining old-school manufacturing techniques and modern technology to create wardrobe essentials that make it easy to be the best dressed in the room." I tried their Slub Easy Crew as an option for those who love lightweight tees. The feeling of this shirt was amazing. It's made of 100% slub cotton that's been pre-shrunk so it already has that lived-in feel. This shirt is very well constructed, for example, the neckline is made of sturdier fabric so it won't stretch out. However, the shirt is completely see-through and is best worn with a tank or bralette underneath. I ordered a small because the description said the shirt was roomy. In my opinion, that was a generous claim. I would prefer this shirt in a medium or even a large to get that looser fit. All in all, I decided to return this shirt. I will definitely try Buck Mason again, but at a $45 price point, it wasn't a home run.


#2. Re/done || The Classic White Tee

The Re/done classic white tee is the priciest option at $95; for this closet basic it had to be perfect. I was initially drawn to Re/done because I loved how the company was revitalizing iconic brands like Levi and Hanes. According to Re/done they are "on a mission to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, to keep heritage brands relevant, and create sustainable, mindful fashion." Re/done initially partnered with Levi's for an upcycled collection which really put them on the map. This Classic White Tee is a result of their partnership with Hanes in which Hanes developed a brand new recycled cotton which you can find in this tee. The hefty price tag of this shirt is understandable given the ethical and sustainable practices that went into producing this shirt. However, the shirt wasn't my favorite. It was slightly see-through, I didn't love how the curved hem lay at the bottom. It was just OK. I also decided to return this shirt.


#3 Universal Threads || Shrunken Short Sleeve Tee

Universal Threads is a Target-owned brand that "brings premium fabrics and sustainable concepts to the mass level at wallet-friendly prices." In addition, true to its namesake, Universal Threads offers products designed for ALL bodies, including those with adaptive needs. This tee is made of 100% breathable cotton. It's soft while being a thick enough fabric to hold structure and not see through. I love how this tee sits right at the waist so it's the perfect tee to wear with your high-rise shorts/jeans, skirts, and a fantastic layer that you don't have to tuck in. At $10 this shirt comes in a variety of colors and has quickly become my go-to tee! This keeper runs true to size. I'm wearing a medium.


#4 Hanes || Women's Short Sleeve Perfect Tee

After trying on the RE/done tee by Hanes I was curious about Hanes's "perfect tee." I was absolutely blown away by the fit, value, and look of this tee. It boasts a modern silhouette and is made of 100% US-grown cotton. I picked a medium and this true-to-size classic is perfect untucked and tucked making it a really versatile piece. If you want a bit more room, I would suggest sizing up. I also tried the v-neck version and liked it the best. I have a larger chest and prefer a slight v-neck. Often my clients with larger busts tend to shy away from v-necks when in reality they are the most flattering. You don't have to get a super deep v, the simple shape change creates a really appealing look. With a $9 price tag, it's a steal!!


#5 Geifa Store || One Pocket Tee

Geifa Store products appear on my Amazon searches all the time. I decided to try them out. I was immediately drawn to the v-neck and pocket of this classic tee. However, it wasn't all it lived up to. The pocket is too large and landed on a weird spot on my chest. In addition, this shirt is very long. It would be great for women with longer torsos but a hard fit for petite women. With no actual cotton in the tee, it doesn't quite live up to its "loose" description. It's made of a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex. It has stretch and is soft. Overall, this $23 tee wasn't for me and I returned it.


#6 For Days || 90's Crop Tee

I really wanted to find an amazing cropped tee and this one was awesome. For Days makes "100% recyclable fashion in a zero waste system available to everyone." They also have a thriving consignment program that runs alongside new pieces like this tee. This heavyweight tee is "recycled cotton and combines 80% organic cotton with 20% recycled cotton for a heftier, sustainable fabric that’s made to last and live on." I don't think this tee is for everyone (actually I don't believe there is a garment that works for everyone) as the mock neck feel is a bit restricting in comparison with the oversized crop. I recently wore this with high-rise pants and really enjoyed the fit. At $36 this is a bit of a splurge but I truly believe it will live in my closet for a long time.


Hopefully, I've helped you find your new favorite tee! I know I added a few to my wardrobe. What did I miss? Let me know if you have any favorites that I haven't tried. Check out the gallery below for some ideas on how to style your iconic white tee.

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